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Cambion Electronic Components

Wearnes Cambion are long established manufacturers of high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components serving professional, military, aerospace and commercial markets.

Cambion is ISO9001 approved. Catalogue products include miniature single pole sockets, PCB Pins & Interconnects, connector pins, RF coaxial connectors, solder terminals, spacers, inductors, coils etc.

Custom product manufacture is a specialty. Manufacturing processes include:-

* Turning - Over 50 automatic lathes (10 million parts per week capacity)
* Moulding - Fully and semi-automatic injection and transfer moulding.
* Assembly - Automatic equipment for high volume production, and lower volume with manual assembly tooling and highly skilled operatives.
* Design and bespoke manufacture of
transformers, inductors, chokes and coils.

Cambion offer a full service of design and prototyping, through to full volume production. Cambion also offer access to low cost manufacture in Wearnes facilities in mainland China.

Cambion - World-class manufacturing

High-speed UK production of turned parts-based products is low-cost, efficient and convenient for customers in many markets

Full scale volume manufacturing in our factory in China keeps tight control of costs and transfers this low cost-basis to your operations.

Cambion - satisfied customers in 
World-class industries

Instrumentation and measurement
Electronic engineering
Oil and gas exploration
Gas detection
Control equipment

Cambion Electronic Components - Coils, Chokes, Transformers, Pins, Toroids, Connectors, Jack Sockets, Battery Holders

Cambion - World class knowledge

Problem-solving in-depth technical assistance from Cambion can make the difference between profit and loss on your production run.

Cambion - Expanding Services

Cambion can now offer Precision Machining, Pressure Die-Casting and Aluminum extrusion from our modern high tech facilities in the Far East. Existing markets include Automotive, Disc Drive, Heat Sink, Textile Machines and Metering.


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