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Cambion - Custom Design and Manufacture

Many customers throughout the World have commissioned special parts based on the products seen in this catalogue. Cambion engineers are able to provide a design service to develop products that meet specific customer requirements where standard products are unsuitable. Please contact our sales department with your specific requirements.

Basic Manufacturing Processes

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Turning - Over 50 Swiss made automatic lathes and CNC turning equipment offer a capacity of over 10 million small, turned, precision parts per week.

Moulding - Fully automatic and semi-automatic injection and transfer moulding equipment offer high volume, low cost moulded product as well as complex insert moulded assemblies.

Stamping - 25 and 30 ton high speed Bruderer presses are utilised for high volume manufacturing and conventional punch presses for lower volume work.


Assembly Processes


Manual Assembly - Highly skilled operators assemble low volume items and small batches using a range of basic assembly tooling.

Automatic Assembly - Experienced engineering teams design and build automatic assembly equipment for high volume production runs.


Inductors - Cambion designs and manufactures of custom built transformers and coil wound inductors. Our coil-winding capability includes:-

Air Wound Coils

A range of manufacturing equipment produces all types of air wound coils from simple, open wound coils without any secondary operations to fully automated winding, lead stripping and tinning, core insertion and gluing. Send us an e-mail detailing your requirements.

Custom Air Wound Coil - Request Form

Toroidal Coils

Manual and semi automatic equipment produces quality toroidal coils including transformers, common and differential mode chokes. We have an extensive knowledge of coil winding techniques based on our 40 years of accumulated winding knowledge.

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Also:- RM. Type; tunable; axial and radial leaded chokes; ‘E’ and ‘C’ cores; ferrite beads; a full range of coil formers in various materials.

Cambion has 40,000sq ft of production facility, a comprehensively equipped tool room, and a well equipped QA department


See our Asian facilities page for information about our low cost high volume production capability.

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If you require further information on our Custom Design Service then Contact us here. 

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